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Caregiver Support Resources

*Resources on where to find help with funding and diagnosis. 

*Free printable activities for your loved one at home.

*Information about our Caregiver Support Group

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Need Something to do with Your Senior Loved One at Home?

We know there are many family caregivers across the Valley providing 24/7 care for their older loved ones during the pandemic.

Thank you for all you are doing to keep your loved ones safe, happy and engaged during this stressful time.

In response, the Adult Day Service Center has compiled a packet of important health information and fun activities to assist family caregivers.

We are also offering free live BINGO games weekly via Zoom for any senior in the valley who would like to join in and it’s a great opportunity for any caregiver to get a hour of respite while their loved one engages in a fun Bingo game.

Please head over to our Facebook page for our latest virtual activity schedule. 

Please use the link below for our free printable activity packet. And other fun printables you can utilize at home with your loved one.

New to Caregiving?

Not Sure Where to Begin?

Two of the biggest challenges new caregivers often face is finding affordable care for their loved one along with the anxiety of who’s going to stay with them while they are at work or have to go to a doctors appointment. Sometimes finding the right doctor is even a cause of anxiety.

Do you need help finding a doctor that specializes in memory care or diagnosis?

Are you worried about paying for help?

Our Adult Day Program offers affordable care and can help with many of the anxieties that come along with caregiving.

Fortunately, there is financial assistance available to caregivers to help cover the cost of adult day services, which is just a fraction of assisted living or skilled care, along with other things like caregiving supplies and in certain circumstances transportation.

Below you will find links to resources that will help guide you in the right direction. Often one qualifies for assistance and they don’t even realize it.

At YWCA Bethlehem Adult Day Services, we participate with the following programs:

Do you need help finding additional resources?  Check out the Pennsylvania Link to Aging and Disability Resources. They also have a survey you can take to see what other services might be helpful. Click here to take the survey. 

You’ve found what services you need but not sure what kind of financial assistance you might qualify for?

Click here to see what you or your loved one may qualify for. You can check off everything you need assistance with, and it will tell you at the end what you most likely qualify for and who to call or where to apply.

YWCA Bethlehem Adult Day Services Center is pleased to offer a Caregiver Support Group.


The Caregiver Support Group in on hiatus. If you need 1:1 support, please feel free to reach out to Donna Scrafano at donnascrafano@gmail.com.

The Caregiver Support Group is moderated by Donna Scrafano who holds a Master’s Degree in Human Services and has been helping humans cope with various barriers for over 25 years in many different capacities from victim services to caregiver support. She currently writes articles for an online magazine, Silversageonline.com.  Her articles include information about the challenges of caregiving, as well as other life experiences. In 2015, she semi-retired and then totally in 2018 to care for her father.

Donna Scrafano, Caregiver Support Group Moderator

Pease email Yvonne at adsc@ywcabethlehem.org for more information.