What to do with an old prom dress?

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What to do with an old prom dress?

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By Corinne Goodwin

Your prom was a fabulous evening with fun, glamour and romance.  You will cherish those memories forever.  But what to do about that dress…?

Most prom dresses are only worn once and this creates a number of problems.  For one, styles change – that means what looked fashionable in 2018 may not be what you like in 2020.  Plus they take up valuable space – Have you checked out your closet lately?  If it is like mine, it is over-crowded already!  I am not sure I could fit a full-length gown that I will never wear again in there!

So what are we to do with a slightly used but still perfectly good prom dress?  Here are some ideas.

  • Pass it on to a family member – If you have a younger sister who is approximately the same size, the dress may be perfect for them. It may even be able to be dyed a different color if they wish.
  • Let the kids play with it – Have you ever known a little girl who didn’t want to play dress-up at least once? If you have a little princess in your home, they might love to have an opportunity to look like the real thing in your beautiful dress.
  • Sell it on ebay, Craigslist or Facebook – You can make a little bit of your investment back by selling your dress. Just be prepared to answer some questions from buyers (because people buying formal gowns can be fussy).
  • Donate it to the YWCA Bethlehem’s Pop-up Prom Shop – That’s right! There are hundreds of young women in the Lehigh Valley who could take advantage of your donation at our annual event.  Simply contact the YWCA Bethlehem to find out where you can drop it off.  You can even get a receipt for a tax deduction! The YWCA is accepting dresses through February 21.

There you go…  Four great ideas for making the most of your old Prom dress.  Be sure to check back for some other Prom-related tips, tricks and advice.

About the YWCA Bethehem’s Pop-Up Prom Shop

This annual event makes prom beautiful and affordable for Lehigh Valley teens.  Prom goers can shop from a selection of over 2,000 gorgeous, gently used dresses for only $15 each.  When a girl picks out her dress she can also choose shoes, jewelry and makeup at no additional charge.  She will also get a goody bag donated by our generous sponsors!

The #YWCAPromShop will be held at ArtsQuest on Saturday, March 7.